Eight or nine months ago Michael Sheen told me that a third chapter in the Tony Blair saga — a film about Blair’s relationships with Bill Cinton and George Bush, and particularly about Blair’s misguided alliance with Bush over the mounting of the Iraq War — would one day be written by Peter Morgan (who wrote the first two chapters, The Deal and The Queen), and then be directed by Stephen Frears and star himself as Blair.

Morgan sounded somewhere between iffy and disinterested about it when I asked about the project at last October’s Queen press junket, but he sounded slightly more engaged when I asked it again at a screenwriter’s panel at last February’s Santa Barbara Film Festival. Anyway, Variety’s Adam Dawtrey says Morgan has finally begin to write it. Oddly, Dawtrey doesn’t mention the downfall-of-Blair-over- the-Iraq-War angle. Does that mean he wasn’t told about it, or that Morgan has changed the focus of the script? Or at least, the focus as Sheen described it to me last fall?