Another industry-watcher — Wall Street Journal contributor Anthony Kaufman — is reporting that the Iraq-Afghanistan movies are either dying (In The Valley of Elah) or underperforming (The Kingdom). If I had the power, I would make every person who voted to continue the Iraq War by voting for Bush’s reelection in ’04 watch every last Iraq War movie there is. I would have them gently brought into theatres and strapped down like Alex in A Clockwork Orange with their eyes kept open with those clamp devices and shown every last one.

Okay, I might let them off the hook with Brian DePalma‘s Redacted, which is a rough sit even for people like myself. But they’d see all the rest. I’d make sure they’re comfortable and serve them good food between screenings and offer free shiatsu neck massages to anyone who wants one, but they would see each and every Iraq War movie, Afghanistan movie and 9/11 movie…anything to do with that general tragedy.

This may sound like a anti-Bush totalitarian fantasy to some, but I think it’s a fair thing to insist upon. If you voted for the war, you should deal with the films about it. (Unless they’re poorly made, in which case you’re excused.) What’s so bad about that?