The final projected four-day weekend figure for Night at the Museum is $38.5 million. The earnest and mild-mannered Pursuit of Happyness will end up with $20,642,000 in the #2 position. Rocky Balboa, diminishing quickly, will finish at #3 with $17,302,000 (last Wednesday was its best day with earnings of $6.4 million). The Good Shepherd will end up with about $13,943,000 for a fourth-place showing. Eragon, a dead dragon, fell over 60% from last weekend’s tally, taking in $9,560,000. Charlotte’s Web was right behind it with $9,506,00. We Are Marshall, down for the count, will finish with $8,769,000. The Holiday will conclude with $6,838,000, The Nativity Story with $6,497,000 and Happy Feet with $6,207,000.