Hollywood Reporter columnist Anne Thompson did a guest stint on “Ebert & Roeper” last weekend, and the consensus seems to be that Roeper bellowed and bullied her around a bit — and that gracious Anne was perhaps a bit too restrained.
In response, a reader asked this morning if “we can get a thread going on the thoroughly arrogant, pompous, the-more-wrong-I-am-the-louder-I-get, insulting, Disney-thumping Roeper vs. the elegant, thoughtful, trusty Thompson?”
Thompson’s best moment came when Roeper thumbs-upped We Are Marshall and she gave him “a look,” a friend told me this morning.
Thompson gave Children of Men, which she described as a cinephile’s dream and a future classic like Mad Max 2, an enthusiastic thumbs-up. Roeper claimed to like it, but could barely say something substantive about the film except, with her prompting, that it has a great look, but then had to come back with a plug for Caine’s wig’s performance.
Roeper loved The Good Shepherd, while Thomopson gently explained to him what went wrong. She was easy on Night at the Museum, calling it a holiday hit; Roeper said he more or less despised it.
He loved Venus, even if he felt “quipped to death” in a few scenes; she adored O’Toole’s “sunset performance” and called it an “Anglophile’s dream and funny too.” He too thought it was funny, adding that “the average age of the academy voter is, of course, 127.”
Thompson loved The Dead Girl. and Roeper quickly agreed, singling out Mary Beth Hurt‘s performance.
At the conclusion Thompson told Roeper it was fun and she’s been waiting for the chance to give him a hard time for ages. He laughed and dismissively replied, “Get in line.”