Jamie Stuart again grapples with existential conundrums, an unfaithful (or at the very least weak and malleable) woman, phantom creeps on the street and other stuff that feels a little too poised and over-considered. Sooner or later all artists accept the fact that an orange is an orange is an orange.
And oh yeah, Wrestler star Mickey Rourke talking about his movie-career detour is cut into all this.
Here’s a flattering assessment of Stuart and his work by the Washington Post‘s Ann Hornaday, posted yesterday.
I love the brief Mac screen shot of an entry or password code: “CRM-114.” You are not a true film person unless you know what CRM-114 means — what film it’s from, what its function was, who first mentions it, etc.
“You think people are stupid and don’t pay attention today? You should see it fifty years from now.”