Below are the final Gurus of Gold Oscar prediction accuracy rankings, top to bottom. I’m not smirking at David Poland for being dead last because deep down he, like myself and a couple of others, is more of an advocate than a tea-leaf reader. He may fancy himself as someone who insightfully “reads” the town because he’s a hotshot know-it-all columnist, but even with my fuck-it attitude about predicting I got more right (i.e., 14) than he did (10). Go figure.

Poland posts Guru predictions all through Oscar season, but he never releases the final results and rankings. One could surmise he fails to do for obvious reasons because he often does poorly, but guessing (or failing to guess) who will be voted Best Looking, Best Personality, Class Clown and Most Likely to Succeed is no sterling achievement.

Pete Hammond led the Gurus and the Gold Derby gang with 19 out of 24 correct. Guy Lodge, Steve Pond, Paul Sheehan and Kris Tapley followed with 18. Thelma Adams, Tim Appelo, Scott Feinberg, Michael Musto, Tom O’Neil, Bob Tourtellotte, Peter Travers and Chuck Walton got 17 correct.

The Guru-only pecking order is as follows:

Pete Hammond — 19

Kris Tapley — 18

Tim Appelo — 17

Peter Howell — 17

Steve Pond –17

Emanuel Levy — 16

Mark Olsen –16

Anne Thompson –16

Anthony Breznican — 15

Greg Ellwood — 15

Dave Karger — 15

Susan Wloszczyna — 15

Eugene Hernandez — 12

Sasha Stone –11

David Poland — 10