From Peter Bradshaw’s 9.22 Guardian review: “Supernova at first reminded me uneasily of The Leisure Seeker, a syrupy picture in which Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland play a squabbling old married couple taking a last Winnebago road-trip in the shadow of dementia and mortality.

“But that was hammy and sugary: Supernova, for all its occasional heartstring-plucking and button-pushing, is much more restrained, both in the relative calm of the performances and in the unadorned way the countryside is shot.

“Tucci and Firth have a sweet and gentle chemistry…they have an almost Eric-and-Ernie rapport. Elsewhere, Macqueen interestingly builds on the established personae of his leading men to show how their various mannerisms have been brought into play to deflect or neutralize difficult topics. Firth’s Sam is dry, reticent and pretty English; Tucci’s Tusker is quizzically amused and amusing in ways we have seen from him many times before — which makes a key scene, when his voice quivers on the verge of tears, even more affecting.

“The key issue, as with all movies about dementia, is the exit strategy: this was famously an agonis\zing moment in Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland’s Still Alice, with Julianne Moore, and even more agonis\zing in Michael Haneke’s Amour, with Emmanuelle Riva dwindling into immobility and silence after a stroke.”