Women’s Wear Daily‘s subscriber-based website has one of the dumbest web-search engines currently operating, so there’s no finding Jacob Bernstein‘s profile of Deadline Hollywood Daily‘s Nikki Finke, which apparently went up within the last day or two. (Media Bistro‘s Kate Coe sent me the text, but there’s no link on her site to the original piece.)

Bernstein’s article seems throughly researched and reported, although I’m sure Finke will have a beef with it one way or the other. She comes off as smart, headstrong, dogged, hot-and-cold, obsessive — a tough cookie in a tough town.

Significant Finke quote #1: “It’s not my fault these people do what they do to each other. It’s not my fault they make stinky movies. I just report it.” Quote #2: “Would I like to cure Hollywood? Yes.” Quote #3: “My problem, it’s a tragedy actually, is that I’m a Cassandra. I’m a canary in a fucking coal mine.” Quote #4: “I’m not good with bosses. And I love what I do now. I love this website. It’s the most fantastic and freeing thing in the world. I make my deadlines. I decide what I write. I have total control.”

Left coasters may be unaware that Bernstein, a WWD columnist (it’s hard to be rock-sure with WWD’s idiotic site refusing to spit out information), is the son of Nora Ephron and Carl Bernstein.