Film Ick‘s Brendon Connelly vs. Deadline Hollywood Daily’‘s Nikki Finke over Finke’s dismissal of Eli Roth‘s Hostel, Part II as “disgusting” without (apparently) having seen it.
Connelly is on the right side of the debate, of course. Hostel, Part II may indeed be vile, but it may have striking “whoa” moves at the same time. We all know what the torture-porn game is about and the core psychology driving it, but you have to give the devil (i.e., Roth) his due and watch the damn thing, or at least some of it.
Painful as it sometimes can be, you have to go to a screening (or a public performance) of a given film and sit through 20 to 30 minutes worth before venting an opinion. Obviously not about the entire film but about how those first 20 or 30 minutes were so painful to sit through that you either had to leave or shoot yourself, etc. Life is way, way too short to sit through a godawful movie. I am proud, proud, proud of my early walkouts.