Nearly a month ago I mentioned an inability to play my Broadcast News Bluray because of a Bluray firmware update I need to install. Right after that I asked Sony to send me a firmware software disc, and they said they’d do so right away but it didn’t arrive until after I left for Sundance/Santa Barbara. So I installed it last night (easy, no big deal) and now I can watch my Broadcast News plus two other Blurays that wouldn’t play due to lack of proper firmware.

The downside is that right now it doesn’t feel as vital and exciting to savor Broadcast News as it did, say, three or four weeks ago. It’s an excellent film and I’m glad I own it, but the fresh-Bluray-coolness moment has passed. Now the cool Bluray to have and to watch is Sweet Smell of Success, which Criterion will street on 2.22.