Hollywood Reporter critic Kirk Honeycutt has broken the 20th Century Fox embargo and trashed James Mangold‘s Knight and Day, accusing it of lazily mis-using its stars (Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz) and being generally slapdash and far-fetched and irksome.

I have to take off in ten minutes so there’s no time to post a mini-review of my own, but Knight and Day‘s ludicrousness is very boldly and unapologetically “announced” at the beginning. The movie is saying “of course the action is ridiculous, but you don’t know what ridiculous is until you’ve seen this film to the end…we are flaunting the lack of plausibility to level of Coyote vs. Road Runner, and proudly! You get that, right?”

And I have an apology to make for dissing Diaz two or three days ago. As much as she’s irritated me before, she handles herself quite well here. She’s easy to settle in with, emotionally plausible as far as the writing allows, restrained, “real.” It’s her most engaging performance since In Her Shoes.