Let’s not forget that The Social Network isn’t the only upcoming film with a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating. There’s also the more-or-less-perfect rating for Matt ReevesLet Me In (Overture. 10.1), which is based on 12 film reviews (including Variety‘s Peter Debruge and the Hollywood Reporter‘s Michael Rechstaffen) so far.

“I would argue that Matt Reeves’ Let Me In is at least as good as Tomas Alfredson‘s Let The Right One In, which Reeves’ film is a remake of,” I wrote on 9.11.10. “I’m guessing that this view will be regarded as heresy in some quarters, particularly since there’s no denying that much of Let Me In feels like a scene-for-scene, and in some portions a shot-for-shot ‘copy’ rather than a remake.

“But it’s very carefully copied with a meticulous, unhurried, highly absorbing style, and there is a Reeves signature of sorts here and there.

“Hollywood remakes of European-made hits tend to not be as good — they needlessly gloss them up or water them down or otherwise miss the basic vitality. Let Me In doesn’t do this, in my view. It doesn’t diminish — it respects and pays tribute to the original by keeping what worked — adhering as closely as possible for the most part — and enhancing here and there.

“The truth? I liked it better than the original, in part because I’m a much bigger fan of Chloe Moretz‘s Abby (i.e., the little-girl vampire) than the young Swedish actress in Alfredson’s film. Moretz can do no wrong in my book. ‘Hit Girl’ and now this — she’s really got it.”

Honestly and truly and in every other emphatic “no, really, I’m serious” way, Let Me In should be one of the ten 2010 Best Picture nominees. It’s that good. If this happens, would Let Me In be the first horror film since The Exorcist to be Best Picture nominated? Would it be the first vampire flick ever to be so honored?