Which super-budgeted Warner Bros. tentpole attraction will be more depressing to sit through — Guy Ritchie‘s Sherlock Homes 2 or the Superman reboot that Chris Nolan is producing? Which is more likely to make you feel as if a plastic tube filled with green poison is snaking out of the screen and leaking into your bloodstream?

For me, it’s definitely Homes 2 (shooting this fall, opening on 12.2.11). And yet the idea of Nolan’s Superman (even if Matt Reeves directs) is also immensely depressing. The Man of Steel is dead, dead…irreversibly dead. Let it go, for God’s sake. If Bryan Singer‘s reboot (which I liked) hadn’t come along two or three years ago, maybe…but post-Singer the idea of getting up for another Supie flick just isn’t there. I’m limp with no interest…please!