Yesterday Harvard University honcho Lawrence Summers recounted the April 2004 episode depicted in The Social Network in which Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss visited his office to complain about a violation of Harvard’s student-ethics code by Mark Zuckerberg, etc.

Summers’ money quote was essentially that male Harvard students dress in jackets and ties for one of two reasons — i.e., they’re looking for a job or they’re assholes. Summers quickly came to the conclusion that Cameron and Tyler fit the latter category.

Today the Winklevii posted an open letter to Harvard University president Faust. It lamented the cavalier if not disrespectful manner of ex-president (and current Charles W. Eliot Harvard University professor) Summers during their April 2004 meeting with him, and emphatically contended that they are not, in fact, assholes.

The bottom line is that all exceptionally bright or creative people instinctively loathe to-the-manor-born preppy jocks wearing Brooks Brothers apparel. T’was ever thus & will be. In this sense Summers and Zuckerberg are brothers of the cloth.

Summers said yesterday (or was it the day before?) that The Social Network‘s depiction of the meeting he had with the Winklevii was more or less accurate.