Since 2015, the Directors Guild of America has been handing an award for Outstanding Direction of a First-Time Feature Film. There can only be five nominees, but already there are seven names in apparent contention:

Bradley Cooper, almost certainly, for his direction of A Star Is Born. Ari Aster for Hereditary. Paul Dano for Wildlife. Josie Rourke for Mary, Queens of Scots. Bo Burnham for Eighth Grade. Jonah Hill for Mid90s, and Boots Riley, most likely, for Sorry To Bother You.

The quota people will insist on nominating Rourke and Riley for representation reasons, and that’ll leave three slots. I’m guessing they’ll be taken by Cooper, Aster and Hill. It’s possible Hill or Aster will be bumped by Burnham…who knows?

Get Out‘s Jordan Peele won the 2017 award. The other four nominees were Geremy Jasper (Patti Cake$), William Oldroyd (Lady Macbeth), Taylor Sheridan (Wind River) and Aaron Sorkin (Molly’s Game).