As far as I know or have heard, John Chu‘s Crazy Rich Asians (Warner Bros., 8.15) is the first major studio release with an all-Asian cast since 1993’s The Joy Luck Club. That in itself means that a certain portion of the critics will bend over backwards to give it a pass, given that representation is an important consideration these days. HE’s opinion — quality is quality, regardless of this or that stamp or attitude — remains unchanged. If a movie is great, it’s great. If it’s good, it’s good. And if it kinda sucks then it kinda sucks. The trailer makes it look like “Meet The Parents in Singapore,” with Constance Wu in the Ben Stiller role. A friend who’s seen it calls it a “very by-the-book romance. It didn’t feel like Meet the Parents but more like a very tame, politically correct version of Wedding Crashers. Nothing blazingly original except for the casting.”