Hollywood Elsewhere to Matt Atchity of Rotten Tomatoes, Tim Gray of Variety, Nicole Sperling of Entertainment Weekly, Sasha Stone of Awards Daily and Glenn Whipp of the L.A. Times: Last night I caught my third viewing of The Big Short. I saw it with a first-timer (a lady who knows the markets) at the Landmark on Pico. Loved Ryan Gosling, still irritated by Christian Bale (Aspergers personality , odd teeth , bare feet). It’s a very smart, sometimes funny, engaging-as-far-as-it-goes tutorial and a total Bernie Sanders movie…great! Politics aside I liked it better than I did the first time and about as much as I did the second, but it doesn’t have that Best Picture schwing…it just doesn’t. I think it’s obvious that em>The Revenant will take the Best Picture Oscar. And yet you’re continuing to predict a Big Short win on Gold Derby.com. And that’s totally fine. I admire your fortitude. But could you share your reasons why? Above and beyond the statistical precedent factor or the PGA vote? Gut-wise, what tells you that it has a decent shot? Because the lady I saw it with last night was going “it’s too hard to follow…it’s not well-organized, Bale is too weird, I liked Spotlight much better,” etc.