Variety‘s Manori Ravindran has posted an exclusive about Tenet possibly opening theatrically in Europe in late August. If I were flush I would fly to Madrid or Paris or Berlin to see it, but aren’t Americans barred from European travel?

Ravindran: “Warner Bros. is reaching out to international exhibitors about a possible late August launch for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. If it takes place, it would mean that the twisty spy thriller, which was expected to be among the highest-grossing summer releases, will have some sort of popcorn season debut.

“Exhibitors in the U.K., France and Spain have been told by the studio to plan for an Aug. 26-28 launch. The dates are not confirmed, though sources indicate that talks are positive. It’s understood the studio is also aiming to release the film early in Asia, with exhibitors in the region expecting to receive a new date in the next few days.

“It’s worth noting, however, that given the fast-changing nature of the global health crisis, these plans could change if the situation worsens and more hotspots emerge.”