Sunday Update: Coming Soon‘s Ed Douglas is reporting that Little Fockers has “made $34 million just over the weekend, $48 million in five days. It’s going to do over $100 million easy and probably around $130 to $140 million total, if not more. Just because people didn’t rush out to see it didn’t mean they didn’t want to see it. Sure, it’s a failure compared to Meet the Fockers but they were lucky to get another movie out of the franchise. Hopefully they’ll end it there and not embarass themselves further.”

Yesterday I wrote an assessment based on Friday’s earnings that was incorrect. I made a mistake due to haste, a lack of sufficient research about Christmas Eve tendencies and previous Focker film incomes, and (I admit) a personal longing or dream that Fockers‘ initial earnings might be reflected throughout the weekend. Wrong. The Wrap‘s Daniel Frankel has reported that Little Fockers “undershot tracking by more than $10 million, with pre-release expectations coming in at around $60 million.” Nonetheless, it’s fair to say that a terrible film has opened fairly well.

An L.A. Times report says that “three people close to the film said [Little Fockers‘] budget was between $130 million and $140 million, though a spokeswoman for domestic distributor Universal said the final cost was about $100 million.”