Almost everything I’m posting this morning is a day late and a dollar short due to yesterday’s travel, but the 6.17 Tootsie-like tale, conveyed in Seth Abramovitch‘s Movieline interview of The Proposal‘s Peter Chiarelli, is quite funny.

“So get this pitch: A young, handsome Hollywood executive has some spare time on his hands, so he writes a script — a romcom. And because this is a small town and he wants it to be judged on its own merits, he puts the name ‘Jennifer Kirby‘ on the front page. The script makes the rounds, people love it, and everyone wants a general meeting with this Kirby girl. So our hero gets his best friend to do him over in drag, heads out into the unforgiving L.A. sunshine, and not long after that the macho head of a studio falls for the script…and for him.

“It’s Tootsie for a new generation, right? And right when you have the suit sipping a Diet Coke on the other side of the desk, hooked, that’s when you reel him in with those five magic words: Based on a true story.”