I got caught up in a couple of Bingham Ray posts late this morning and consequently missed the 12:30 Eccles screening of Ben Lewin‘s The Surrogate, which played like gangbusters, I’m told. (The crowd gave it two standing ovations.)

I made the 3:30 showing of Sheldon Candis‘s LUV, and I’m sorry to say that I found it dispiriting and repetitive (too many characters with malevolent minds and motives) and generally Dante-esque.

Then came Julie Delpy‘s comedic 2 Days in New York, which follows the rules of farce, French or otherwise, by keeping the dialogue peppy, the action frenetic and the personalities anxious-eccentric-obsessive. It was fine. The audience had a good time. I was feeling a little winded or fatigued and couldn’t quite find my way into it as much as others sitting near me…but that happens.