It’s certainly not a burn. Not by my yardstick. Not if you accept and understand that a 40 year-old franchise can’t really go home again. Engages, strives, tries like hell. Draws a bead, hits the mark often enough. Aimed at families, sure, but in a way that doesn’t strenuously alienate. A diligent, crafty, resourceful attempt to wow fanboy dads who were 13 when The Empire Strikes Back opened in ‘80. Sticks to formula expectations as far as it can without seeming overly desperate. Plays the game like a spirited opportunist. A visual tribute to Empire‘s noirish lighting scheme. Perhaps a tad too jokey here and there. Tries your patience to a certain extent, okay, but whaddaya expect? A well-worn franchise is being re-milked, re-baked, re-fried, re-seasoned and vigorously stirred in order to turn a profit. A good looking-to-future-generations ending. Rian Johnson is an honorable tactician, an architect with a plan, an above-average engineer, a good fellow.