This is a minor deal, but the first time I heard the line “we had creative differences…I was creative, he was different” was from Nicholas Meyer. I heard him say it at a party at Michael Phillips‘ home in 1985. He was referring to a dispute he’d had about a Spanish Civil War movie with the late Stephen J. Friedman, whom he described as “that horrible man.” Does the line go back earlier? Did it come from someone else?

Hey, that’s an idea for a discussion thread. What people have you come to know in the film industry whom you would honestly and without reservation describe as “horrible”? People who give off a vibe that is so poisoned and mustard-gassy and spiritually deflated and dismissive of human potential that they could truly be described as having passed along almost nothing in the way of warmth or charity or wisdom or comfort or laughter — people who walk around with steam-blasts of rage and resentment hissing out of their ears?