Last week at the Landmark I happened to see this trailer for Michel Leclerc‘s The Names of Love (2.24). t played right after the trailer for Crazy Stupid Love, and it seemed right away that the French film is more relaxed, less formulaic, more mature, funnier, more natural and less agitated.

Directed and co-written by Leclerc (along with Bya Kismi), The Names of Love is “a semi-biographical film documenting the life of a young woman who uses sex as a weapon to influence right-wing individuals and conservative Muslims.”

Bahia Benmahmoud (Sara Forestier), a young left-wing activist, sleeps with her political opponents in order to manipulate them to her cause until she finds her match in Arthur Martin (Jacques Gamblin).

Love won three Cesar Awards earlier this year, including best female lead for Forestier and best writing. It opens stateside on 6.24.