Harrison Ford has allegedly told a Details inteviewer that Shia LaBeouf was a “fucking idiot” for publicly criticizing Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull in a May 2010 interview with L.A. Times writer Steven Zeitchik.

Nope, wrong. LaBeouf was being refreshingly honest about what everyone and his cousin believes was probably the worst of the Indiana Jones films, and he waited two years to say what he thought so what’s the problem?

Ford has a bit of an old-school attitude about this stuff, but let’s clarify that he hasn’t called LaBeouf an overall walking-around idiot. He’s saying — incorrectly and unfairly, I feel — that LaBeouf acted like one when he shared his true feelings about Crystal Skull. Most of us would agree that trashing the film during the promotional lead-up to the opening would have been stupid on LaBeouf’s part. But he spoke to Zeitchik two years after the film opened in May 2008 so who cares?