Last weekend I posted a pick-up piece that was based upon a 4.23 piece by Vulcan Reporter containing what I’m told was mistaken reporting.

The article ended with the following: “While Warner Bros is not abandoning home video media completely, the amount of Warner Bros films and shows that will be getting physical media releases will be going down as the idea is to develop more interest in HBO Max.”

A knowledgable source says that the story was based upon “an improper or misunderstood comment from Jerry Beck to someone who had left their fact checker in their sock drawer.

“No one from Warner Archive said anything. [Beck] knew some release info that was not to be discussed, and mentioned it in an interview. That info was taken totally out of context, and then put in an article by a journalist without a clue.

“The studio isn’t the problem. The pick-up piece you ran on 4.24 was neither true nor accurate.”