Warner Bros.’ decision to move up the release of Tyker/Wachowski’s Cloud Atlas from December 6th to October 26th means one thing, I suspect. The nearly three-hour-long time-tripping fantasia has been described as a marketing challenge, so I suspect that WB sharpies decided it needs to time to germinate and grow in the minds of ticket-buyers, journalistic know-it-alls and Academy/guild members. It’s not a one or two weekend wham-bam, thank-you-ma’amer for ADD fools. It’ll have to be poked and dissected and settle into the cultural bloodstream.

One of Hugh Grant’s many Cloud Atlas guises.

But isn’t it time for a few officially sanctioned photos? It’s almost July and you still can’t find anything online except surreptitiously captured set photos. And when are we going to see the first teaser? Within the next three or four weeks, I’m guessing. And where’s the official Cloud Atlas website?