A slight tightening of the Presidential election numbers has kicked in due to the laziest, dumbest and most sheepish portion of the electorate going “hmm, gee, I don’t know.” Otherwise voters are dug in, polls are static (except for two — Fox News and Mason-Dixon — that fivethirtyeight’s Nate Silver says are off on their own beam), the new N.Y. Times/CBS News poll says that 59 percent of voters believe that Sarah Palin is not prepared for the job (up nine percentage points since the beginning of October), and I’m still picking up worried/on edge/unsettled vibes from this and that Obama supporter.

Good. Nobody should relax. I’m certainly trying not to. My attitude is somewhere between “chill down, it’s in the bag” and “it’s not in the bag, pretend it’s neck and neck, don’t ease up for a second.”

Has everyone on this side of the fence e-mailed those Errol Morris “People in the Middle for Obama” spots to at least five fence-sitting wishy-washies in their personal orbit (friends, family, co-workers, neighbors)? Has everyone e-mailed the latest “Vote!” video to at least five under-25s who’ve shown pronounced video-game addiction and/or ADD tendencies in the past?