On top of my previously posted Sundance Hot 25, I’m adding four newbies. Will I manage to catch them all? Well, I can sure give it hell. Addition #1: Adam Salky‘s I Smile Back, about a libertine mom (Sarah Silverman) whose bacchanalian ways threaten to detonate her life. Addition #2: Stevan Riley‘s Listen To Me Marlon, a doc portrait of the late Marlon Brando constructed with previously unreleased audio and visual materials. Addition #3: Leslie Headland‘s Sleeping with Other People, a sex-addict romance with Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie…I can smell the broadness but I’ll give it a shot. Addition #4: 4. Josh Mond‘s James White, in which Christopher Abbott (hunky guy on Girls, beefy truck hijacker in A Most Violent Year) plays “a hedonistic, raw-nerved son of a woman (Cynthia Nixon) who’s dying of cancer,” etc.

Christopher Abbott in Josh Mond’s James White.