Sony Pictures Classics has announced that their Foxcatcher Bluray will pop on 2.17.15 — a little less than ten weeks hence. And yet three weeks after opening limited in New York and LA, rural moviegoers are still waiting for Bennett Miller‘s melodrama to open locally.

“Do you know why Sony is taking forever to release Foxcatcher in the hinterlands?,” writes Nick “Actionman” Clement. “I don’t get it at all. Not one theater in Connecticut is showing it. It’s been out for weeks now in limited release so what could be the delay? I’ve tagged both Sony Classics and Annapurna in a Facebook post, asking them the reason but no response…very irritating!”

My response: “They know it’s a quality film with a morose vibe…they know it’s a downer and that Average Joes probably need the nudge of awards to come out and see it. I’m guessing that they’re waiting for critics groups to chime in this month. That’s my guess.”

Clement reply: “This is insane. There are plenty of downer movies that open in Connecticut and everywhere else all throughout the year. This is a movie-star movie that’s been trailered to death. Maybe I’m just being bitchy on a Friday but I can’t see how saving this movie for the end of the year when a thousand other movies will be opening will affect it one way or another.”