IFC.com’s Stephen Saito has posted a non-reviewing review of James Franco‘s Saturday Night, which screened yesterday at South by Southwest. Pure observation/description, and not a whit of evaluation or judgment. I begged Franco’s reps a couple of weeks ago to let me watch a screener so I could review the doc concurrently with SxSW, but they couldn’t be bothered. Thanks, guys.

Indiewire‘s Eric Kohn manned up and actually reviewed the sucker, calling it “a compelling look at anachronistic media in action.” (That means the film has an issue or two, but is fairly good/satisfying overall.) HE’s Moises Chiullan says (a) “I could feel others near me shift in their seats after around the halfway point,” (b) “Things start to drag a bit in the last third” — does that mean a bit more than the halfway point problems? –and yet (c) “those who showed up because Franco’s name was attached or out of their love of the current cast (Bill Hader in particular) got plenty of what they were expecting.”