Here are the latest, up-to-the-minute Frat Pack standings as of 7.13.06: the King Shit title-holder is either Steve Carell, who has the best role of his career in Little Miss Sunshine (Fox Searchlight, 7.26), Vince Vaughn (as long as he doesn’t get too fat, and hats off if he takes that John O’Neill role in Against All Enemies), or Jack Black. Ben Stiller has been in a state of dormancy for so long I can’t remember when there was any serious heat on the guy (Dodgeball?) although he may be back on the horse with A Night in the Museum come December. Owen Wilson‘s marquee cred is about to take a big hit after people get a look at You, Me and Dupree this weekend…but he’ll bounce back. Luke Wilson‘s acting as a relaxed lowball smoothie in The Family Stone was a career breakthrough, but mellow-toned amiableness does not a frat packer make. Will Ferrell looked like toast last summer after the failure of Bewitched and especially after audiences were heard groaning when he first emerged from the shadows to begin his cameo in The Wedding Crashers, but now he’s (apparently) back with Talladega Nights (Columbia, 8.4) and Marc Forster’s reportedly impressive Stranger Than Fiction. Oh, and here’s a far less judgmental Frat Pack piece by USA Today‘s Susie Woz, a.k.a., Susan Wloszczyna.