French butchers and their customers are more fully acquainted with their gastronomical savorings — Wednesday, 5.31.06, 8:05 am.

(a) French apartment-building doors outweigh American ones by, I would guess, a scale or 5 or 6 to 1, and they’re a helluva lot taller — Tuesday, 5.30.06, 4:45 pm; (b) I’m presuming that I missed the news and/or reviews of a U.S. staging of Woody Allen’s Adulterers or I’m forgetting what the U.S. title was, but the play was published in France in early ’05 and a presentation is happening in Paris in late June — Wednesday, 5.31.06, 9:20 am; (c) backside of the old Paris Opera house — Wednesday, 5.30.06, 5:45 pm; (d) What do you do with chicken feet exactly? Boil them in a pot and make consomme? — Wednesday, 5.31.06, 8:07 am; (e) Malediction ; (f) legs — Wednesday, 5.31.06, 8:50 am.