I’m as amused as the next guy by the news about Trigger Street partners Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti being tapped to run the new, restructured, post-chapter 11 Relativity Media. We all love the idea of Buddy Ackerman actually running a real movie company, etc. But can I ask a question? Why is Relativity even in business? Who cares? The company went totally bust last year under Ryan Cavanaugh, trapped in a muddy, 75-foot-deep sinkhole and finally forced to face reality. Nothing against Spacey and Brunetti but what magic, exactly, are they expected to create? I know as much as they do, my gut instincts are just as well attuned and I’m more free-form and fuck-all in my thinking. You know what I would do if I ran Relativity? I would hire LexG as vp creative affairs. (I would greenlight films with a potential to compete during award season and Lex would advise about which stupid movies to make.) Over the last year has anyone said to anyone else over a drink, “You know, I’m really upset that Relativity went bankrupt…I know if they could just hire the right people to run things correctly that Relativity could really make a difference to the average moviegoer…I hope they get it together….we need companies like Relativity to brighten and enrich our moviegoing lives.” Newsflash: Nobody gives a shit. But with Wells and LexG calling the shots, electric bolts of excitement would be pulsing through the Hollywood bloodstream.