Fridays reviews of Kingdom of Heaven (out 5.6) made it clear almost no one agrees with me about Orlando Bloom’s Bailin or Ibelin filling the boots of a charismatic hero type. I know Bloom holds his own in this Ridley Scott film and then some, and I don’t need a large crowd agreeing with me on this, but I don’t seem to have any allies on this at all. Of all the stuff I’ve read since Friday, the meanest and funniest Orlando write-off has come from the Seattle Weekly‘s Tim Apppelo. “I know you like Kingdom of Heaven,,” he wrote the other day, “but thought you might be interested by my thesis that the main problem is a fine elf in a role that calls for a hero. As a war hero, Orlando Bloom reminds me of the nickname Truman Capote’s father gave him — Little Miss Mouse Fart.”