“Imagine every butt-kicking, unflinching character Clint Eastwood has ever played. Now imagine seeing them in their twilight years, wrinkled, haggard, on death’s door, and spitting in the face of death one last time to help a friend. His performance as Walt Kowalski in Gran Torino is his best work as an actor in years , a return to all of the things that made him great as a younger man.

“He’s brilliant and imposing, shocking and so over-the-top he’s often funny. And Torino is a movie you must see — smarter than it seems and broader, funnier, and more straightforward than you’d expect. This is the Eastwood we all remember in a perfect final performance. He’s riding off into the sunset scowling, snarling, and spitting blood.” — Cinema Blend‘s Josh Tyler in a 12.8 review.