In this morning’s Toronto Film Festival riff I included a riff about office-building jumping. And I just want to double-post it because today begins an earnest, never-say-die, balls-out campaign to put an end to office-building jumping in big-studio movies of a sci-fi, action-y, futuresque or comic-book-based attitude or slant. From here on nobody jumps off a skyscraper…no one. Unless they’re Spider-Man, that is. Batman can’t do it, Tom Cruise can’t do it, villains can’t do it…shutdown.

Hundreds of whore screenwriters churning out video-game plots for corporations are probably gulping right now, but leaping off tall buildings has become an industry joke and somebody needs to say “enough.” This isn’t as important as a moviegoer class-action lawsuit against the NRA, but it has a place in the scheme.