For some bizarre reason a U.S. version of this Fruitvale Station trailer denies embed code access so I went with a French-subtitled version. This fits with Ryan Coogler‘s film, which the Weinstein Co. is releasing on 7.16, about to screen in the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Film Festival.

The question will be how realistic or burnished does Coogler’s portrait of shooting victim Oscar Grant seem at first glance? Variety‘s Geoff Berkshire called the film “a well-intentioned attempt to put a human face on the tragic headlines surrounding Oscar Grant,” and said that the “relentlessly positive portrayal” of Grant is questonable. Pic is “best viewed as an ode to victim’s rights,” he wrote, as Fruitvale “forgoes nuanced drama for heart-tugging, head-shaking and rabble-rousing.”

Here’s a Wiki summary of the 2009 BART police shooting of Grant.