I never said what I really thought when I finally saw the Shane Bluray. As good as it looks, last April’s big-screen projection of this restored 1953 classic at the TCM Classic Film Festival looked so much grander and riper and ultra-detailed…it was really and truly the shit. “I wasn’t just delighted by how good Shane looked last night,” I wrote on 4.28. “I was spellbound if not close to shocked. It was drop-to-your-knees — the most beautiful rendering I’ve ever seen of this 1953 classic. It was like seeing it new and fresh all over again. My eyes were going ‘wow,’ ‘wow’ and ‘double-wow.’”

I’m mentioning this because the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is celebrating the 60th anniversary of George Stevens film with two special screenings — the first on Monday, 9.16 at the Academy Theater in New York City, with a special video message by director Woody Allen; and again on Monday, 10.7, at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, with an in-person introduction by director James Mangold.