I know most HE readers won’t watch this four-month-old Ryan Chapman anti-wokeness video. Yes, Chapman does go on, but he’s obviously well-informed, and he speaks clearly and concisely.

“Wokeness is a run-away idea that’s not under anyone’s control…why do these woke films that keep coming out, and keep crashing and burning, keep getting made?…the woke playbook is always about abolishing something…to use the force of their movement to bend people or society, against their will but in some kind of direction that will end oppression.”

The same analogy was explained last July in a newdiscourses piece called “The Complex Relationship between Marxism and Wokeness,” by James Lindsay.

The only stylistic speed bump is the way Chapman tilts his head rightward from time to time and in so doing gives the camera a vague come-hither look.