In a British Esquire interview with Miranda Collinge, Mad Max: Fury Road star Tom Hardy says he has “between four and 20 lines” of dialogue in George Miller’s film. (Why not just call it 12 lines?) Either way I love it. Hardy also states that he’s “contracted” for three more Mad Max films, presuming that Fury Road kicks ass commercially and critically. He’s seen Fury Road, of course, and calls it “fucking unbelievable,” but what’s he gonna say? “I’ve never been more excited and out of my comfort zone,” Hardy states.

HE to Hardy, Miller, WB: Four is too many. Just make a nice trilogy and be done with it. Calm down, exhale, don’t be greedy.

A Revenant tale is also part of the piece:

“Hardy thinks it was probably Leonardo DiCaprio who gave him the nod for The Revenant,” Collinge writes. “The two worked together on Inception and became friends. ‘He’s a tough kid actually, Leo,’ Hardy says. ‘Brilliant bloke, really supportive.’ That tends to be how he chooses what to do these days: a conversation with a friend, an email here and there.

“I shamelessly don’t read scripts,” Hardy says. “But Leo called me up and said, ‘Dude, you have to check this out, I think it’s a brilliant piece and Alejandro’s a genius — will you read it?’ I was supposed to be doing Splinter Cell [the film adaptation of Tom Clancy’s hugely successful black ops novels/video games], so I was like, ‘I’m going to jump out of helicopters, mate. I want to go and play soldiers!’ and he said, ‘Just read it, you idiot!’ I was like ‘Hmmm, all right’.”

“Hardy ended up reading half of it. Because Leo told me to do it. ‘All right then, we’ll meet this genius and we’ll see,’ I said. ‘But until then I’ll be sitting watching Come Dine with Me with the dog.’ When I met Alejandro, it turned out he’s fucking funny. Really lovely. Inspiring. Potty.”