With Meryl Streep, Justin Beiber and Johnny Depp “lending their support” to Bully‘s rescind-the-R-rating campaign, how can the MPAA continue to refuse to downgrade the rating to a PG-13? So that…you know, Bully can be shown in schools with the five or six f-bombs intact? So that the film can be seen by the kids who need to see it, but without director Lee Hirsch having to capitulate to the bluenoses by sacrificing any of the vocal realism. Lord knows it’s vital that audiences hear f-bombs spoken by real-life bullies, etc.

Seriously — congratulations to Change.org‘s D.C.-based Mike Jones for mounting a vigorous and relentless email campaign on behalf of the Bully vs. the MPAA campaign.

Here’s a link to an AP story about Katy Butler’s peitition campaign, and one containing signature totals from Katy Butler’s petition campaign. Send e-mails to MPAA’s Classification and Rating Administration chief at Joan_Graves@mpaa.org (or call 818.995.6600).