I’ve stayed twice in Park City’s Yarrow Hotel. The semi-spacious rooms are the size of any other room in any other moderately upscale hotel. But the place is clean and cozy and well-tended, and of course well located for anyone running around the Sundance Film Festival. But nearly $2500 and change for five days? The Creative Coalition guys are calling this a discounted rate. Tony Montana‘s response: “Thass 500 bocks a night, mang.” My place, the Park Regency, is about 3/4 of a mile south of the Yarrow, and just as nice in terms of the usual comforts. And bigger. A large one-bedroom apartment with bunk beds in an alcove for week #1 (1.17 through 1.24) and a smaller one-bedroom apartment for week #2 (1.24 through 1.30) for $1800 for two weeks, or $900 per week. The TCC post is wrong, by the way. A check-in on Thursday, 1.22 with a check-out on Sunday, 1.25 = three nights.