For at least the last six months of 2014 many Oscar know-it-alls had Angelina Jolie‘s Unbroken right at the top of their likely Best Picture lists. The vast majority of shepherd-following Gurus and Gold Derby-ites sang the tune in four-part harmony…”Unbroken, Unbroken, Unbroken, Unbroken…we can’t wait to fall to our knees and celebrate the wonder of Angie!” Well, this morning’s PGA nomination snub was a very sobering harbinger, I’m afraid. Unbroken is now seriously diminished if not down for the count in the Best Picture contest, and even Fandango‘s Dave Karger — one of Angie’s most loyal and steadfast soldiers — has thrown in the towel. It now seems fair to take a little bow for expressing reservations about this film ten and a half months ago, or on 2.27.14. I was just going on a hunch, a whiff of an aroma to come…but damned if what I wrote then isn’t a pretty good summary of what many people with taste (i.e., not those who offer opinions to CinemaScore) have been saying since Unbroken opened a week and a half ago. I can sense the drift of things months in advance. I’ve always had this ability. It’s why I’m good with a column like this.