A hundred years hence, film historians will look back at the epic-quest CG fantasy fanboy-adventure genre (Arthurian comic-book fables, other-worldly milieus, mind-blowing visuals, Joseph Campbell-esque heroes in their 20s, constant insinuations and threats from all-powerful reptilian villians, relentless physical combat or sword-fight scenes, gah-gah finales) and be absolutely agog that tens of millions went to these films over and over again for decades (geek culture has sprayed shorts over these films since Star Wars opened 30 years ago) without making a peep about how oppressively similar they were from year to year, decade to decade.

The historians will conclude with mixtures of amazement and mystification that the fanboys wanted the same myth over and over, and that Hollywood kept obliging over and over, and that the cycle kept on ad infinitum. And nobody ever said “hey, what is this?” except for the occasional online iconoclast, and whenever one of these soreheads spoke up he/she would get trashed and shouted down and called stupid and irrelevant.
That said, the Angelina Jolie nudie-temptress footage in the Beowulf trailer is greatly appreciated.