Using Ellen DeGeneres’ 2014 Oscar group-selfie as a template, some dilletante named Nikston has posted a sloppy-assed imagining of what a 1955 Oscar selfie would look like. The main problem is James Dean vs. Elvis Presley. Did Elvis ever attend an Oscar ceremony? If he did it would have been in March 1957 (Love Me Tender had opened four or five months earlier) but Dean died in September ’55, so this shot had to have been taken in March ’55. Which is when Presley’s singing career was just starting to happen, locally but not yet nationally, and a year before he was even screen-tested. Fake…doesn’t add up! And why is Montgomery Clift‘s head so small? (He looks like a puppet.) I understand Lena Horne being part of the gang but who’s the other female artist of color? Oh, right — Dorothy Dandridge.