Here’s a nice little 9-day-old piece about director Michel Gondry visiting a video store in Paris (the sign says “Video Club” but what’s the address?) and riffing about human contact and some of his favorite films. One is Wim WendersThe Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick; another is Kevin Smith‘s Clerks.

Michel Gondry: A Cinephile’s Labyrinth on

When I was living in Paris during the summer of ’03 I used to visit a store located southeast of Les Invalides and northwest of Montparnasse that specialized in English-language DVDs and was painted red on the outside. Gondry mentions a place called Videotheque (or is he saying Mediatheque?) but this is the Paris film world for you — less downloady and somewhat more personalized and cinema-obsessive than the way things are in the States.

The color in this video has an odd kind of bleachy pink hue. Which is okay, I suppose, but it’s a tiny bit off-putting. What’s the filmmaker trying to say, that the life of a Parisian film obsessive is bleachy and pink and fucked up?