Comparing yesterday morning’s jaunty, light-hearted who-is-Nikki Finke? piece on the Today show (scares people! blunt-spoken! extremely camera-averse!) to, say, Tad Friend‘s 10.12.09 New Yorker profile wouldn’t be fair, I suppose. But they couldn’t have blanded and dumbed it down much more than they did.

I’ve said before that I might understand Finke’s motive for not wanting to have current photos of her getting out. Some of us are more accepting of the process of inevitable biological diminishment than others, and some less so. But nobody is over-the-moon about it, and I’m guessing that Finke, like yours truly, has simply decided that visual capturings of same will never lighten anyone’s load, and that it’s probably better to leave well enough alone and get back to work with a cup of hot tea.