“The fact of the matter is that this Oscar race is a wake-up call to what the awards really stand for…nothing. They get it wrong more than they get it right…FACT. In the past decade we have been spoiled by Oscar winners that didn’t fit the usual Oscar cliche. It led many to think we were seeing the rebirth of the Oscars and ‘could we finally respect their decisions’? If The Social Network, Inception or Black Swan wins then yes, the Oscars will have turned a new leaf. If The King’s Speech or The Fighter wins then no, the Oscars are the Oscars.” — Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone quoting a 15 year-old kid from New Zealand, in an “editorial” called “Why Mark Zuckerberg Was Always Destined To Get No Further Than The Oscar Bike Room.”

Or, as I’ve put it a few times…forget it. I’ve said it too often. I feel like a condemned man sitting in a cell with some crackers, a hunk of brie cheese and a bottle of white wine, waiting to be hung.