As much as I regard David Erlich as an appalling personality on Twitter, I have to respect his year-end compilation video, most of which is about Erlich clipping his top 25 of 2015. Included are The Hateful Eight (appealing for 2/3 of its length until the self-destructive third act), the dolorous Phoenix (which I finally saw last night on Bluray), the obviously substandard Magic Mike 2 and the indulgent, all-but-unwatchable James White. The Erlich favorites that I agree with are boldfaced: Carol, World of Tomorrow, Phoenix, The Look of Silence, A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence, The Duke of Burgundy, Eden (2014), Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter, Mistress America, Mad Max: Fury Road, Clouds of Sils Maria, Magic Mike XXL, Tokyo Tribe, Anomalisa, Listen to Me Marlon, Black Coal, Thin Ice, Heaven Knows What, The Hateful Eight, The Mend, James White, The Forbidden Room, Junun, Mustang, Tangerine, Girlhood.